Organic Farming

Organic farming is an agricultural system governed by a number of objectives, rules and principles, as well as by recognised good practices, aiming at minimizing the human impact on the environment and at ensuring that the agricultural system works in the most natural manner. This system seeks to provide consumers with fresh and tasteful food, while respecting the environment.

GLOBAL G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice)

It is the most well-known and acknowledged benchmark in terms of good farming practices, and it is a means of certifying that a given agricultural product is safe for the consumer, considering that it was produced through a controlled process, using standardised techniques for food safety, respecting the environment, as well as the health and safety of workers.

Portugal Sou Eu

It is a brand that identifies products produced in Portugal. The "Portugal Sou Eu" Program is managed by the Ministry of Economy and is mainly focused on National small and medium companies. Its main objective is to boost and valorise the national supply, with a significant increase in added value and the promotion of informed consumption through the "Portugal Sou Eu" label.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

This is an internationally recognised food safety management system which has, in essence, a preventive approach ensuring that the company keeps in place a food safety assurance scheme suitable for its activity. For that purpose, all hazards / risks to consumers’ health are previously identified amongst the several activities and procedures of the relevant company, and preventive measures are established in order to control the identified hazards / risks, through critical control points.